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Our Mission

"Shaping Our Future Together"

Rooted in our belief in the dignity and worth of each person, the Good Shepherd people of North America are united in our commitment as leaders in providing unparalleled services and advocacy for the most vulnerable and marginalized persons especially women and children. Supported by contemplation and a growing sense of community, and boldly embracing our mission of reconciliation, we dare to be a catalyst for healing.

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Thriving in the Face of Adversity

Pelletier Youth in Transition has many success stories. Here is one of them.

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Pelletier Youth in Transition

Pelletier Youth in Transition's mission is to lead the development of programs and services that guide and assist youth leaving care to make successful transitions to adulthood.

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We Believe...

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  • We believe a person is of more value than a world

  • We believe that all youth can succeed

  • We believe that all individuals have the right to live in a safe environment

  • We believe in the strengths and value of the individual

  • We believe that you can make a difference

Action Alerts

Prevent Use of Torture
The Senate report on C.I.A. torture describes disturbing acts of torture, including waterboarding to the point of inducing convulsion and vomiting. In addition, the C.I.A. used a variety of aggressive techniques on its prisoners, such as isolating them, depriving them of sleep, stripping them of their clothes and keeping them naked, subjecting them to loud music, and pinning their arms above their heads.

To help pass legislation ensuring that the C.I.A. never again uses torture as an interrogation technique, please CLICK HERE for more info.