Good Shepherd Sisters

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd have a storied history of compassionate care and healing with young women and the marginalized within their society and communities.   They hold dear a time honoured tradition of the teachings of their foundress, Sr. Mary Euphrasia, whose vision and wisdom has guided this special work.  They currently serve in 72 countries.  Good Shepherd was first established in the United States in the Louisville, Kentucky in 1842.  Since that time a broad range of service programs have developed in the U.S. from Boston to Los Angeles.  In Canada the Good Shepherd presence has existed since 1844.  In both countries, the work provided by Good Shepherd has made a significant contribution to the development of other services and legislation that have helped to shape child welfare all across North America.  The Sisters of the Good Shepherd established each of our agencies and instilled a spirit of service and commitment based on their core values of zeal, individual worth, mercy and reconciliation.  This is their legacy which we share to this day.

Since their inception, the Sisters held a special place in their work for the collaboration and guidance of  lay professionals and members of their local communities in sharing the work of their mission to be weavers of compassion and reconciliation everywhere they were invited.  As current day service providers we have reaped the benefits of this shared journey and we remain honoured to carry this tradition of care and compassion in our work.

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Canada French Region
Leader: Sr. Germaine Rogers

Sisters of the Good Shepherd 
204 Boulevard Gouin Oust 
Montreal QC, Canada 
H3L 1J6 
Phone: (514) 337-2111

US Central South
Leader: Sr. Carol Pregno

Sisters of the Good Shepherd 
620 Roswell Road NW
PO Box 340
Carrollton, OH  44615-0340
Phone: (314) 381-3400
Fax: (314) 382-5294

Canada English Region
Leader: Sr. Gilda Fernando

Sisters of the Good Shepherd 
25 Good Shepherd Court 
Toronto, ON., CANADA 
M6B 4E7 
Phone: (416) 787-4285

Province of Mid North America
Leader: Sr. Madeline Munday

Sisters of the Good Shepherd 
7654 Natural Bridge Road
St. Louis, MO  63121
Phone: (314) 381-3400

New York
Leader: Sr. Ellen Kelly

Sisters of the Good Shepherd
25-30 21st Avenue
Astoria, NY 11105
Phone: (718) 278-1155
Fax: (718) 278-1158